Due to Tribune Tower construction, we closed our doors on September 30th, 2018.

Please consider visiting our sister restaurant Sweetwater.


The Tribune Tower has long been the iconic gatekeeper to one of the most dynamic and exciting avenues in the world.

Standing post at the southern tip of the Magnificent Mile, the tower sits near the heart of our great city as a stoic reminder of a different era amidst the bustle and hum of "the city that works." To the visitor, Tribune Tower holds the eye for its striking neo-gothic beauty; to the local it's held in the heart as something beloved. More than just a masterpiece of design, this revered landmark has proclaimed Chicago's architectural audacity for almost a century, and like the street from which it rises, is simply magnificent.

The Tribune Tower's design, by architects John Howells and Raymond Hood, was one of over 280 drawings submitted for the 1922 international contest put forth by Col. Robert McCormick and the Chicago Tribune. The contest mandate was to design the "most beautiful office building in the world," and the timeless creation of Howells and Hood won the competition unanimously. Rising 36 stories above the "City of Broad Shoulders," the Tribune Tower is a study in vertical lines. At its top, a crown of buttresses, spires and gargoyles reside over a choir of wind and clouds, and at night, shines like a beacon for the world to see. For inspiration, Howells and Hood looked back to the dreams of history's great builders, and for practicality, the architects looked forward to the needs of a modern and burgeoning new world. The result is a majestic building that has become one of Chicago's most recognizable and cherished skyscrapers, and one that stands as the signature vision of Howells and Hood.

Nearly a century later, Howells & Hood, Chicago Restaurant & Pour House, brings a vibrant presence to the iconic tower. Like our namesake, we also seek a connection with another era by celebrating this magnificent building's rich history. In our etched travertine stone, copper and steel accents, and of course in our name, you'll see touches of the Tribune builders' influence, blended with a modern look and urban sensibility. At Howells and Hood, we look to inspire our guests every day with exceptional food, first rate service and a draft beer offering that’s like the building itself – second to none.